What clients are saying:

"I deeply appreciate the time and patience you gave me. I came in unsure of what to expect. I had just started a few sessions with a therapist back in Boston and had been feeling like they were going nowhere. This was the complete opposite!”
Robert K.
Teacher and Tech Entrepreneur
“I always looked forward to talking with you and always felt safe exploring my feelings together with you. That’s why I think these sessions, though limited in number, were so helpful to me; I could be open and trust you while also getting actionable ideas that were focused on what I needed.”
MIT Grad School Student
"I feel myself being more mindful in situations particularly social ones, that can be more of a challenge for me. I spent time with family this weekend as well and I think it really helped my interactions with my mother, who I love but can challenge my patience as moms often do.”
Evan D.
Corporate Banker, Father of 2
“Also, thanks for the resources. They are right up my alley! You know, this has been pretty effective for me considering how little interaction we’ve had. Or I should say your program seems to have a great foundation in terms of process.”
Leigh S.
Small Business Owner, Single Mother
“Lauren has more GRIT than anyone I know. Angela Duckworth should research her! She practices what she teaches and involves you in the process of learning. If you have the opportunity to work with Lauren, go for it.”
Jessica T.
Physical Therapist, Just Married


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