Positive Psychology in 100 Words

“Live courageously, through adversity. Have grit. 

Take maximum responsibility. 


Find your purpose. 

Fulfilment over instant gratification. 

Resilience over happiness. 

Gratitude over materialism. 

Savor positive emotions. 

Expect the good, realistically. 

Appreciate the struggle.

Work from strengths versus fixing weakness. 

Less comfort, more growth. 

Remember other people matter.

Kindness as religion. 

Give, give, give, receive. 

Passion over profit. 

Laugh and play while you can. 

Do the hard thing. 

Explore your thoughts, check the narrative. 

Reflect don’t ruminate. 

Be present, over busy. 


Accept yourself, unconditionally. 

Gather evidence before conclusions. 

Love what’s broken. 

Embrace the uncontrollable. 

Hug one second longer… 


The end.”

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Edited by Lauren Ogle. Original Source: Fontane Pennock, S.J.    

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